Saturday, January 31, 2015


Lately I've been thinking about a lot these days is the positive impact that the Harlem Ambassadors provide to families.  There aren't many entertainment forms that can appeal across all ages, all races, and both genders.  But a Harlem Ambassadors show is an exception.  Grandparents, parents, and kids of any age are engaged in an audience participation event where the entire family is involved in having fun together.  The vast majority of organizations that we partner with are committed to children and families. Thinking that I helped birth some of that unifying energy that has gone into the atmosphere for 17 years gives me great pride.
I've also been thinking about a recent basketball event that brought a family extra special to me together. My own family!  My grandsons' Westinghouse Warriors varsity squad was hosting Raby HS for the Chicago Public League White West conference championship. The 'House for the 'Ship. Boo'yah as Stuart Scott would've said. Westinghouse won 63-53 and will be promoted up to Red West next season. Grandson Kube Dosunmu had 10 pts. and 5 assists and his freshman brother Ayo Dosunmu had 14 pts. and 9 assists.

The stands at Westinghouse were packed including my daughter Jamarra, super mom fan, and her husband Quam coaching his sons as assistant head coach for the Warriors. In the stands supporting the boys were us grandparents, uncles, aunt, cousins, play cousins, neighbors....e'rybody.  And to see my son-in-law coaching and see my grandsons excelling was an event that we could all experience together.  And many other families backing their family members too.

Whether its attending a Harlem Ambassadors event or supporting your family members' team sports activities, do it as a family, experience it together, and keep it positive.  You'll see benefits. In my case, quality time with my daughters!